Hey, we can’t wait
to meet you.

A few FAQs to get you feeling at ease in no time.


Here’s the secret about yoga: Not only is the practice good for your mind, bones, muscles, spirit and soul, yoga offers that well-deserved and much-needed “me” time that can be hard to come by anymore. We can all use an excuse to tune in, regroup, unwind, and simply breathe. We get it. The thought of time set aside for yourself and going into an unknown space, hauling a body-sized piece of rubber cushion, and decked out in stretchy pants can be weird, awkward, and uncomfortable. We’ve been there! We all have to start somewhere.

And you know what? We’re already looking forward to having you as a friend.


Am I ready for yoga?

As Baptiste Yoga Founder Baron Baptiste says, “Come as you are, not as you should be.” Our classes are accessible and adaptable. You are ready!


Do you have a parking lot?

Clintonville: Because we do not have a dedicated parking lot, we advise you to leave plenty of time before class to find a spot for your car. There is two-hour street parking on N. High St. and surrounding side streets. Out of respect for our neighbors, please leave at least five feet of space for them to safely access their driveways. AutoZone allows use of their side lot and you can park at JiffyLube for classes only after 6pm.

German Village: There is a very small shared parking lot accessible via Redbud Alley as well as street parking throughout the Village.


How early should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to class time. We’re eager to meet you and hope we have time to chat with you. Connecting with new people is one of our favorite things about yoga. Plus, we’ll show you around, get you acquainted with the space and grab your signature on our waiver form. 

But, obviously, things happen, and we can’t always be early. If you’re running behind, don’t stress! Come anyway, and come as you are. We’ll inspire the slow down once you get in class.

All we ask: please sign in at the front desk on your way in.


Can I eat before yoga?

Eat a fuel-filled snack, such as a banana smeared with almond butter, about one hour before class to boost your energy. Try not to shove food in your mouth on your way to class. We promise this will hurt your stomach and make you not want to do yoga.


How much water should I drink?

Drink a lot of water beginning at the start of your yoga day. Planning to hit up a hot yoga class? Double your water intake. And make sure to bring that water bottle to class with you! Hydration is key to staying mindful and healthy during your practice. Note: whether you prefer your yoga hot or not, water is your best friend. Bottoms up!


What do I wear? 

Speaking of bottoms up, wear stretchy pants, or shorts. It truly doesn’t matter where you purchase the latest version of this year’s yoga trend (But, ahem, have you seen our retail area? NEED.) or how much it costs. Really, all that matters is that you feel comfortable when you invert to downward dog.

Your best bet for clothing:  

  • Athletic pants/shorts—we suggest you perform the wide-legged bend test before coming to class to ensure everything is left to the imagination

  • If you’re taking a hot class, sweat-wicking fabrics are more advisable than cotton, as the latter fabric is likely to absorb sweat and become uncomfortably clingy.

  • Sports bra (for females)

  • Athletic top, as loose-fitting tops tend to fall in poses

What to leave at the door with your shoes:

  • Socks

  • Jewelry

  • Your iPhone, iPad or pager


What should I bring with me? Do I need my own mat?

Yoga can be a very personal exercise. Setting up your yoga space can be as intimate as the actual act of stretching and posing, if you’d like. That’s why we recommend bringing your own mat to class as well as a hand towel to wipe away any sweat beads that may appear on your skin. If you don’t own a mat, not to worry! Our retail space is equipped with a wide selection of yoga mats and towels from retailers including lululemon and liforme.

We also have a limited number of rental mats and hand towels for a small fee. Need one? Please ask the front desk when you sign in for class.

Speaking of dollars, we have some inspiring retail for sale. You’re going to want to get in on these items that give back.


What’s this yoga thing cost?

We believe each and every person deserves the transformation that yoga and mindfulness can bring, and we know not everyone can access those tools due to financial strain and more. That’s why we have the GIVE Yoga Fund to change that.

While we wish we could make like Oprah and give away free yoga, this doesn’t support our mission either, as our instructors and staff deserve a living wage and because we believe in this service.

However, it’s intimidating to spend big bucks on something you haven’t tried before, so how about this: two weeks of unlimited yoga for $25. Why unlimited? Because it’s said that takes at least 10 yoga classes to get used to this weird movement exercise. We encourage you to try it on! Explore all of our instructors, the different styles, the various class times, and see what sticks with you.

While we want you to bring and practice with your friends, we do not allow Class Pass or Membership sharing at this time.


What do I do once I arrive?

Kick your shoes off on your way in! No shoes or socks necessary. Leave your cell phone on quiet mode outside of the studio space. The locker room area is safe and constantly monitored by our staff. If you need to be reached by a babysitter or a relative, please give them our studio phone number and the front desk will come get you from class if you are needed. Trust us, you’ll be happy with a break from your phone.


What’s the deal with the instructor?

Yoga is a physically active practice. You might be making odd shapes with your body. As such, it’s important to personally meet your instructor at the start of class. Let yourself be seen and make sure to alert him/her of any injuries, a pregnancy, etc., just like you’d do with any other physical activity. PS: that means even if you’re injured, pregnant, inflexible, whatever it is, you can do this!

During class, if the instructor cues something that doesn’t feel right in your body, give yourself permission to skip it and do something else. Please don’t beat yourself up. If your body needs rest, take rest. Child’s pose is available to you at any time during class. There is no “must” or “have to” in yoga.

Not sure what child’s pose is? No worries! If you don’t understand something or have no idea what’s going on, ASK! We’re here to help.


How do I become a yoga instructor?

We offer a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training inspired by the Baptiste Yoga Methodology and certified through Yoga Alliance. Whether you want to become a yoga instructor or you’re hoping to deepen your yoga practice, our training gives you tools to build community, your leadership skills, your anatomy knowledge and more. Interested? Learn more about our next training.


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