Our mindset transcends all areas of our business. 

Beyond providing opportunities for social good through our own GIVE Yoga Fund, we share support for local and global communities, and we live intentionally in an effort to take care of our planet where we share breath with one another.

And so we work to give with every action. We proudly feature fixtures and furniture that is sourced responsibly and often made locally, stock retail from mission-driven companies, limit the amount of water we use, encourage our guests to minimize plastic bottle waste in the environment by bringing refillable water bottles to fill at our filtered filling station, offer courtesy toiletries that are chemical free, provide tree-free, sustainable toilet paper, and we get outside as much as possible.



There’s power in living your values. We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found it.

Here are a few of the mission-centric brands we support and ways we give back.