Alexandria Ianni


GIVE Yoga Instructor

E-RYT 200, Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga | YACEP

Alexandria came to yoga through an academic class studying Exercise Physiology at OSU. In asana, she found the physicality of the postures facilitated more than just a solid sweat but a deeper connection & understanding of herself & others. Quickly, the concept of vinyasa, to place something in a particular way, began to seep in to all aspects of her life. In placing her mind in a more grateful, gracious way and carefully considering her words and actions, she started to construct the life she wanted to live.

Alexandria studied with Cyndi Lee in 2014 and brought her teacher's thoughtful, embodied experience of yoga back to Columbus. She continues to enjoy the gift of getting to be a student, learning more about the practice to continue to make her body and mind a hospitable place to live.

What’s your life motto? Ride the wave.