Amanda Henry


GIVE Yoga Instructor

RYT 200, GIVE Yoga (formerly Balanced Yoga)

Practicing asana grew quite naturally out of Amanda’s love for dance and movement. One of the beautiful things about yoga to her is that it is a practice, and practice will never be perfect. Amanda recognizes that she strives for perfect completion in all, yet yoga calls her out of that (limiting) mindset. She wasn't truly aware that she wanted to teach yoga until she was in the midst of teacher training where she found connection that she didn’t know was missing. Baron Baptiste says, “We all have that little charge of energy around those things that we connect with; that’s where the opportunity is for purpose and the new possibility of love.”

How do you find your balance? Meditation, knitting, reading, learning. Long walks alone in nature. And yoga (of course)!

When not at the studio, where is your go-to place in Columbus? I love Lineage Brewery or Wildflower Cafe on a Friday night. I’ll walk or run the Olentangy trail on any given evening. Otherwise, I am curled up on my couch with a book or a ball of yarn :)

With no limitations, what would you do? Teach yoga. Practice yoga. Workout. Drink wine. Every damn day.