Maxine Wanzer


GIVE Yoga Instructor

RYT 200, Restorative 101
Completed AMI Annual Meditation & Yoga Conference 2018

Maxine is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner who found yoga out of necessity. With her medical background, she focuses on anatomy and alignment, preventing injury, and the use of yoga to relieve pain. She stresses slow mindful movement with the holding of postures to build strength and balance, linking movement with breath, and the use breath work in meditation. Maxine’s classes often build to a peak posture or focus on a specific body part/group of muscles and their supporting structures.

What lights you up about yoga? Learning new ways to teach poses, breaking down postures and finding ways to improve strength and decrease pain!

How do you find balance? Taking days to do nothing but self care. Accupuncture, massages, meditation, gentle yoga & walks in nature.

Life motto: "Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor." —Rumi