Toni Kervina


GIVE Yoga Instructor

RYT 200, GIVE Yoga (formerly Balanced Yoga)

Toni Kervina started practicing regularly in April 2011, after jumping around and trying different styles of yoga. This desire to explore multiple styles has stuck with her over the years, and while having completed her training in the style of Baptiste Power Yoga, she also regularly practices ashtanga, and has an interest in other styles, such as Forrest, Bikram, and vinyasa. This blending of styles has had an influence both on her personal practice and her teaching.

She was formerly part of the assisting program at Balanced Yoga, and is passionate about the physical intricacies of proper alignment and form, with an ever-growing interest in yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and self-empowerment.

Describe your teaching style: Alignment-based flow.

How do you find your balance? By being fully present for whatever I am doing.

With no limitations, what would you do? Eat, write, and yoga my way across the world.