The GIVE Yoga 200-hour teacher training is the real deal. But don’t just take our word for it.



"My time in this Teacher Training program was especially transformative. After breaking down the years of walls I’d built up, I allowed myself to support and be supported. I came to find that it’s OK to be independent, but that there is a different kind of strength in being vulnerable. Through lots of sweat and even more tears, our tribe grew together and by learning about ourselves we gained the insight to begin to share that knowledge with others.

Throughout all of this, yoga has helped me to find my strength, while teacher training has helped me to find my voice, and for that I could not be more grateful."

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“As a life-long learner who has focused on the mind-body connection for years, this program was a perfect fit for me. Learning the processes under the physical practice of yoga and learning Baptiste methodology expanded my capacity and potential, physically and mentally. I discovered possibility through self-exploration exercises and getting under the layers of resistance that years of living had built up.

With a shift in perspective, I freed up space that allows for a better relationship with myself, creating deeper and more connected relationships with others.”

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“When I signed up for teacher training, I didn't even know what a sun salutation was. This studio taught me how to take the physical experience that I have during yoga off my mat and apply it to my every day life. The teacher training program taught me about the deep connections between my mind, body and spirit and the connection between myself and others.

Now almost always I see all the ways we are the same before I notice the ways we are different, which no longer allows me to isolate myself in my stories of defeat and depression.”

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“Through teacher training, I was able to accept myself for who I am as well as accept others for who they are. Training exposed me to gratitude, love, and vitality. Furthermore, the sense of community that I have not only at my local studios, but at new studios when I travel, is heightened and inclusive.

My favorite part about training was the opportunity to celebrate my graduation with my Dad, who practices yoga, at the Baptiste Immersion Day in Louisville, KY. To be able to share the experience with my two worlds—my yoga people and my family—is a feeling I'll never forget.”

Jenna Bailey practices in Durham, North Carolina
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